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  • What is Equine Assisted Therapy?
    Equine Assisted Therapy- E.A.T. is ground based therapy that promotes trust, equality, respect, honesty and inclusiveness. It is particularly helpful for those who have experienced trauma, grief, loss, depression, anxiety, chronic illness and emotional dysregulation. It is a safe, outdoor therapy that encompasses fresh air, nature and a sense of space for people who find it difficult engaging in mainstream psychological services or who are under the care of a therapist and feel 'stuck' and their therapist has suggested giving EAT a try. We practice in an effective therapeutic triad that includes an equine specialist, a mental health professional and our beautiful horses. The horses are an integral part of the therapy team, facilitating profound yet gentle personal awareness and growth through each client’s unique experience. ​ We welcome referrals from psychology/ mental health practitioners, GP’s, paediatricians and agencies who provide caring services for people in need.
  • What if I feel scared of horses?
    Most people are very cautious around horses because of their size. They are such large and powerful animals. Yet their role in E.A.T. is very unique. E.A.T. allows a client to explore, problem-solve, overcome challenges and discover themselves with our facilitation. We are with you during the session. Vanessa is our horse trainer specalist and her role is to observe the horses at all times to ensure your safety. Vanessa has hand picked the horses we use in therapy and has trained them for this purpose. Lisa is our qualified mental health-counsellor and her role is to ensure your emotional and behavioural saftey. Emotional safety is created by not needing to talk -simply being in the presence of the horses can open avenues to deeper healing. There is a natural unfolding that occurs for clients as they are free to explore and ponder and listen within themselves for insights. Since these solutions are personally experienced at emotional and physical levels in conjunction with intellectual understanding, they tend to be deeper, more profound, and longer lasting.
  • Do you offer face to face and telehealth sessions as well?
    Yes indeed. We offer you a choice so you can decide what suits your personal needs at the time. Some of our clients prefer 'walk and talk' sessions and, or 'yarning around the camp fire' sessions.
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