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Individual Therapy


Compassionate and confidential.

  • Private rooms in Berry, NSW


Service Description


Together we can explore the things in your life that are holding you back. Sometimes we just feel stuck. We lose our peace, we may feel lost and misunderstood. We may just need someone who is really willing to listen to us. I have a special interest in helping with prenatal and postnatal anxiety and depression, trauma recovery, women and children’s mental health, PTSD, physical and psychological birth trauma. Grief and loss. I also offer debriefing sessions to emergency responders including nurses, midwives, doctors, ambulance officers, paramedics, and police officers.


Equine Assisted Therapy


Available for all clients.

  • Onsite at Berry and Wandandian


Bella Cavallo and Professional Counselling Services have merged to provide a unique service to offer Equine Assisted Therapy through their program 'Horses Healing Humans'. Our passion is to assist children and adults to live a functional, peaceful and meaningful life. We offer a safe, wholistic program for individuals and groups from the age of 5 years through to adults of 95 years.

Equine Assisted Therapy -EAT is a ground-based experiential therapy that has shown to be effective in the treatment of ;

 Depression and anxiety,

 Emotional -behavioural regulation


Autism spectrum disorders



 Eating disorders

 Degenerative brain disease

 Improving relational and friendship skills

We use a team approach that combines the expertise of a professional registered counsellor, a specialist horse trainer and our carefully trained horses, to provide an emotionally and physically safe experience for our clients. Horses are integral to this type of therapy as they have unique abilities to read and respond to our emotional states, non-verbal signals, and cues. Hence, facilitating within us, self-awareness and a deep personal connection.

Our shared philosophy is that all humans deserve to live a holistic, authentic life with optimal mental health.


EAT is a valuable therapy to offer clients, in conjunction with mainstream therapy and health care. We welcome referrals from mental health practitioners, paediatricians, general practioners, and caseworkers.


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